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Meet Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt is a chiropractor and fitness coach that has transformed thousands of clients’ health and bodies over the past decade. 

As a child, he grew up sick, weak, bullied, and painfully insecure. It wasn’t until he started exercising, eating better, and devouring mindset-shifting books that he was able to completely transform his health, body, and brain which dramatically shifted the direction of his life.

This personal transformation inspired him to pursue an undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine and a doctorate in Chiropractic. 

He brings a level of knowledge and expertise that few in the fitness industry can rival. Even more important is his ability to listen, empathize and encourage his clients in the pursuit of their health and fitness goals to ensure their success. 
He often works with clients who have other underlying health and metabolic conditions and with those who are dealing with pain from previous injuries. 
His medical expertise allows him to deliver maximum results in minimal time through using evidence-based protocols proven to get results.

Experience A Medical Approach to Fitness

Let's Do this!

Nutrition Plan

Every client is unique and requires an individualized approach to maximize their results. What is not required is unnecessary suffering and sacrifice to get there. 

I apply evidence-based nutritional protocols that also allow for flexibility so that you get to enjoy foods you love while still watching the weight melt off. 

My approach is not about restriction and elimination. I believe there are no “bad foods”. 

You just need an intelligently designed strategy in place to reach your goals in a way that is sustainable and even enjoyable.

Training Plan

Regardless of your health status or access to equipment, I tailor my clients’ training programs to fit their needs and their schedule. 

You will not be spending excessive hours at the gym or endless amounts of cardio. 

I use an app-based program that you can conveniently follow along with so that you know exactly what to do and how to perform each exercise safely. 

There is no guesswork involved.


One of the main benefits that I have as being an online coach is the level of one-on-one contact I can have with you. 

I check in with clients daily to see how things are coming along and to see how they are doing in life. 

I like to connect and build friendships with my clients. 

That’s what makes this fun! This is not a sterile pdf program e-mailed to you once and you’re left to figure it out. 

We are in this together and I’m going to hold your hand throughout the entire process until you reach that finish line!

Client Reviews

Brandy S.
Facebook Review
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I met Matt a few weeks back online. It started off as a simple conversation, and I found him very knowledgeable. We worked together (I do mean together! Not just him throwing his advise at me; rather having a dialog of what my goals are, and where I feel my weaknesses are, like a true collaboration!) to come up with a program/schedule that is realistic for me. It has been a few weeks, and so far he has held up to his end of the bargain with checking in with me. His program has me sweating bullets, and he's been able to recommend dietary guidelines that take my health into account. Thus far it has been an amazing experience working with Matt, and I look forward to what we can accomplish!!
Greg T.
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Matt is a great man and truly passionate about helping people reach their true potential. Highly recommended!
Rachel E.
Facebook Review
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Matt is consistent, knowledgable, and kind in his methods. He makes sure your routine and nutrition are completely tailored to you and adjusts where and when needed. Highly recommend working with him for fast, lasting results.
Brett F.
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Matt is passionate about every aspect of your goals to get in shape. He takes time to listen and throughly understand every single element of your personal goals. By far the best trainer I have ever worked with I cannot be more happy.
Sandy W.
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Highly recommend Medical Muscle personal training! It is individualized to your fitness level and goals. I am already seeing results just a few weeks in!
Jordan F.
Facebook Review
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Highly recommend Medical Muscle personal training! It is individualized to your fitness level and goals. I am already seeing results just a few weeks in!

Frequently asked questions

Traditional personal training is not only expensive, but also extremely limited, because you only work with your trainer by appointment at a specific location.

Online coaching allows me to do what traditional trainers can’t. I can be there for you 24/7 to keep you accountable.

In addition to tailoring your training and nutrition to your individual needs, I am with you every step along your transformation journey.

At a fraction of the cost of your traditional personal trainer with the ability to adapt to your individual needs and schedule, online coaching with Medical Muscle is the most logical choice one can make!

Online coaching on the other hand allows me to do what personal trainers can’t, and that is to be by your side 24/7 holding you accountable and available when you need me! In addition to a customized training plan, I will tailor your nutrition to match your goals. I am with you every step of the way! At a fraction of the cost of your traditional personal trainer, with the ability to adapt to your individual schedule, online fitness training with Medical Muscle is the logical choice to take your health, your body, and your confidence to the next level!

Online training with Medical Muscle works through a simple 4 step process:
  1. I will build your customized training and nutrition program based on your individual needs and goals.
  2. I will explain every detail of your customized plan to make sure that you understand and have full confidence when you start your fitness journey with me.
  3. I will check in with you regularly to make sure you’re staying on track. I will be available to answer questions when they arise and to encourage you if roadblocks come up. You have 24/7 access to me.
  4. As you continue to make progress toward your goals I will update the training and nutrition plans to make sure you are getting the absolute most out of the program and to ensure that progress continues as fast as possible.

Also, I use an app that you can download and follow along with your workouts. This makes it easy to know exactly what to do and how to properly perform the exercise. You can also sync your Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other apps that I may recommend so that there is one easy place to record and track your progress.

The level of education and experience I have with clients likely far exceeds your previous trainers. I have an undergraduate degree in sports medicine and am also a practicing licensed chiropractor. I’ve helped clients lose weight, reverse chronic disease and metabolic conditions and eliminate chronic pain and joint pain.

My clinic background along with my attention to detail and my love of really getting to know my clients and what their goals and needs are make each program unique and exciting for me to help.

No 2 clients are alike and many other trainers use cookie-cutter approaches that get only lack-luster results. I love tailoring my programs to meet individual needs and I have the clinical background to help address other potential health issues you may be dealing with.

My favorite part of my business is getting to know my clients. A strong client relationship is crucial to long-term success. I am available 24/7 and will adapt to whatever one-on-one attention that each of my clients may need. 

YES! I would honestly be bored out of my mind just copying and pasting plans. I love digging in, getting to know you, and considering the most optimal training program and nutrition plan that will maximize your results in the fastest time possible. Every plan that I create is built from the ground up. In addition, I may revise and adapt the program along the way if there’s a roadblock and your plan will be updated as you progress. 
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