15 Convenience Foods To Make Reaching Your Goals Easier

How often do you end up grabbing something quick—a granola bar, muffin or even fast food—but then by the end of the day, realize you’ve barely hit your protein and fiber goals, and have gone way over on carbs.

You think to yourself, “Ugh, when life slows down, that’s when I’ll be able to eat to make progress.”

The reality is, if you’re waiting until life “slows down” to eat for progress, you’re waiting around for something that might never happen.

This is why it’s crucial to embrace your current life situation and work with it, rather than wait until it’s over. Because if it’s not one thing, it’s something else.

Of course, it would be ideal to sit down with loved ones for a healthy, balanced meal with no distractions, but realistically, that’s not always an option.

This doesn’t have to remain an obstacle, though.

If you know your options for quick, convenient foods that make hitting your calories/macros easiest and have them ready to grab for when you’re in a pinch, you can be busy AND make progress at the same time.

Here is your list of 15 convenience foods with links to some of my favorites/top recommendations:


Beef jerky/meat sticks

Almost every grocery store I’ve been to recently has different brands of grass-fed, no-weird-stuff-added meat sticks. It’s pretty expensive though, so you might be better off going with some…

Meat in a bag

Literally portion out some cold baked chicken breast or sliced flank steak and bag it up!

Rotisserie chicken

Rip off a few pieces and throw it in a bag to go. Breast = very lean. Leg and thigh = a bit more fat, but still great.

Tuna/salmon/chicken packets

Starkist has a variety of flavor options. Grab a fork, rip open and eat.

Hard-boiled eggs

Believe it or not, whole eggs are actually a better source of fat than protein. Depending on which macronutrient you need more of, you can adjust your yolk to white ratio. Want fat and protein? Eat the whole egg. Want some fat, but mostly protein? Eat a whole egg plus some egg whites. Want straight protein? Just eat the whites! You can get them already boiled and peeled like this.

Protein bars

Quest, Power Crunch and ONE are decent options for the most protein for the fewest calories. Still, they are not low calorie/have a decent amount of carbs and fats, but they seem to be better options than most other bars.

Protein shakes

Either pre-made or scoop some into your shaker and go. Look for the most protein for the fewest calories per serving.

Lunch meat

Wait?! Isn’t lunch meat like, really bad for you? Well, it’s probably not the best option which is why I saved it for last. This article could be helpful in choosing a lunch meat.



Pre-portioned packs can work well. These are my favorite.

Hard-boiled eggs

You can get them already boiled and peeled like this.


Individually wrapped varieties like Babybel are the best-tasting option in my opinion.

Guac packets

These are already portioned out. They taste awesome mixed with some tuna and spread on Ezekiel bread or rice cakes for a quick meal.



Apples and bananas are easy to eat on the road since they’re already portioned out and easy to hold and eat while driving. Plenty of other fruits can work well too.


Cucumber, baby carrots, peppers, cherry/grape tomatoes, raw spinach etc. can work well.

Rice cakes

Quick digesting carbs with lots of flavor options.

Ezekiel bread

Grab a few slices out of the freezer, microwave for 30 seconds and you’re good to go.

Of course, you could skip all of this and have someone do your cooking for you or even your shopping for you.

I hope you found this list extremely valuable. Feel free to share with a friend who might need it as well!