6 Things That Women Who Have Transformed Their Bodies Do Differently In The Gym

You step into the gym. You’re looking around unsure of what to do. Maybe you start copying exercises you see others doing or try something you saw on Instagram the other day.

But then you question yourself, “Is this right? Is what I’m doing actually productive?”

Let’s pause for a second.

What do you do when you want to succeed at anything? You look to others who have already achieved what you want and start doing what they do.

The same applies to exercise.

What are the women who have transformed their body doing differently than you in the gym?

This is it:

They take a non-emotional approach

They realize that motivation can ebb and flow. Their workouts are built into their routine so that it becomes a habit. They put less mental and emotional energy into whether or not they “feel” like working out and more into just getting started and taking it one exercise at a time. They realize that not every workout is going to be this amazing pump session and results come from long-term consistency rather than a few perfect workouts.

They’re focused on building muscle rather than burning calories

They realize that sweating more, being more sore and rushing through their workouts doesn’t necessarily indicate a productive workout. A thousand burpees will get you tired, sweaty and sore as sh*t, but won’t contribute much to improving the shape of your body. The women that have made the most dramatic body transformations have drastically increased the amount of metabolically active tissue in their body. That is, they’ve built muscle.

They keep their workouts simple

They’re not bouncing around the gym doing random calisthenics they saw on Instagram, some type of squat to kick back to overhead press variation or even doing a ton of exercises in general. Their workouts consist of typically 3-5 (mostly compound) exercises that they perform with quality, challenging weight and sufficient rest between sets. That’s it.

They track their progress accurately

They’re not randomly stepping on the scale only to see a number than can be affected by water, salt, poop and period. They take regular progress pictures, body circumference measurements, averages of scale weight, pay attention to how their clothes fit and monitor their strength gains in the gym.

THIS article lays out exactly how to monitor progress.

They are patient

They have learned to trust the process. They realize that as long as they are consistent, follow a decent strength training program (alongside nutrition, sleep and stress management), monitor progress accurately and make small tweaks only when necessary, success will come.

They get help and accountability when they need it

The women who have transformed their body have reached out for help if and when they need it. If they didn’t feel hip thrusts in their glutes, felt too much lower back in deadlifts or just weren’t sure how to put together a results-producing plan for themselves, they’ve worked with a trainer or coach for guidance, accountability and education.

Being successful in the gym is not necessarily easy, but it is a lot simpler than you may think. Most of the time, it’s not more motivation or a new knee-banded squat variation that you need, it’s more discipline at getting better and stronger at the basics.